Brick Fences Cairns

We specialise in providing clients in Cairns with some of the best brick fence options available 

Are you looking to increase your privacy? Looking for that extra sense of security? Do you want to boost the value of your home? Then a brick fence may be a great solution.

Who can deny the value of privacy and security? Brick fencing is a great way to protect both – it’s not only durable, but it also completes your aesthetic and gives your property a touch of class that not many other materials give.

Whichever type, design, and structure of fencing you visualise, Cairns Bricklayers are here to bring it to life. With our masterful brick and block layers, high-efficiency tools and materials, and creative design ideas, we will build you the brick fence you’ve always wanted.

We specialize in building both brick fences and block fences. Brick and block fences differ in their shape and size, with block fences predominantly used for jobs requiring higher degrees of integrity or structural requirement. Regardless, they both serve a similar purpose. So, whichever fencing material you prefer, our expert team of block layers and bricklayers Cairns is well equipped to help complete your aesthetic.

Which brick fencing design do you desire? No matter the design of brick fencing you want, our team of seasoned bricklayers have got you covered. We have a proven track record of building all types of brick fences. A part of our services involves working closely with you to figure out the best design that fits you from among the following:

Open Brick Fences

Open brick fences usually consist of a brick base and pillars with various other materials between the pillars, such as iron pickets. It’s a type of design that makes the yard visible to outsiders. This fencing usually has a lower height to enable passers-by to feast their eyes on your beautiful garden or yard. If you’d like to share the wonderful view of your garden with your neighbours, you can request this type of brick fencing.

Closed Brick Fences

This variety, on the other hand, has no large gaps between its pillars. Unlike the former, this brick design tends to be higher and increases the overall privacy of your property. If you’re looking to maximise your privacy and security, then ask for a quote for this brick fencing design.

Single and Double Brick Fence

As the name suggests, these fences are made solely of brick, in a single skin or double skin wall. This type of brick fencing is the ultimate in privacy and requires little maintenance because of its durability. What’s more, it reduces noise to a certain degree. At Cairns Bricklayers, we can build you an affordable single or double brick fence that will stand the test of time.

Brick and Render Combination

Rendering brick helps kill two birds with one stone. It adds beauty to your home whilst increasing the lifespan of your wall as well. Renders can be smooth or textured

iBrick and Render Combination

Rendering brick helps kill two birds with one stone. It adds beauty to your home whilst increasing the lifespan of your wall as well. Renders can be smooth or textured.

Steel and Brick Combination

For added security and elegance, we design and install brick and steel fences that combine the stateliness of brick with the visibility of tubular steel or wrought iron.

Block Fences

Our block fencing is the sturdiest of all the options and is often used in commercial settings. With a block fence, no matter the adversity of the weather, your fence will always stand tall. Our block fences are core filled with a combination of reinforcement steel and concrete.

Brick and Timber Fences

This type of fence consists of brick pillars with wood paling, slats or pickets in between. At Cairns Bricklayers are well equipped to build you quality brick and timber fencing using the finest grade timber that will be durable enough to withstand Cairns weather.  

Brick and Aluminium Fences

We produce different types of aluminium and brick designs that are similar to the brick and steel options. Aluminum is not as strong as steel, but it is considered a great alternative. 

As client-oriented bricklayers Cairns, we understand the different kinds of value fencing can provide for your property. For this reason, we offer many brick fencing services that will not only beautify your home but also guarantee your privacy and security. We always deliver on-time, premium quality and cost-effective brick fencing services.

Contact us now to complete the aesthetic of your home, according to your own unique requirements.