Brick Repairs Cairns

Experience matters when it comes to repairs. Our team will do our best to match your existing brickwork 

Building new brickwork is just one out of the many bricklaying services we provide at Cairns Bricklayers. We also provide top-notch repair services. Every house needs quality brickwork that won’t wear out or deteriorate quickly. Providing such a service is our strongest point. But if you do have damaged bricks, we offer you nothing short of flawless and affordable repairs.

Our brick repair services will add a new, yet original look to your residential house or even commercial properties. In providing our repair services, we use high-grade materials of the same type, size and texture as your existing brickwork. Our brickwork restoration and renovation will blend seamlessly. So, when you begin to notice a problem in any of your brickwork – a bulging wall, loose bricks, disintegrated bricks, crumbling mortar,  or water damage on your bricks, quickly give us a call or fill in our contact form and book a quote.

Regardless of the type and scale of repairs you need, Cairns Bricklayers is the right call. Do you need repairs for insurance? Cracking? Broken bricks? We have the tools, and the expertise to handle repairs and restorations of all types and scales. 

The structural integrity of your brickwork could fail if issues are not attended to properly. Erosion could wear away the brickwork and cause further cracking. Vibration, heat, and water seeping into the bricks and mortar could cause them to crumble and break away. If the cracks are left unattended to, they could cause larger damage, in turn costing you more time and money.

Image of a brick fence in Cairns that needs brick repairs in Cairns
Brick Fence repaired in Cairns after cracking in the wall

Brick repairs and restoration is a complicated job that should only be handled by experts. This poses no problem for us, because our team of seasoned bricklayers Cairns possess a wealth of hands-on experience.

Our repair services consist of well thought out procedures that have your full satisfaction in mind. Here’s a part of how we handle your repair request:

  • We replace old and damaged bricks with similar ones (same type, texture and size) with more durability.

  • We also replace worn-out mortar with quality mortar.

  • We also produce and supply quality bricks for your house needs.

  • After your project’s completion, we still provide free consultation services to you, where we will share with you the knowledge and tools that will ensure that your brickwork lasts for a very long time. 

  • We assess the brickwork to determine the best solution for repairs.

Whether you want to replace your old brickworks, or you want to repair them, Cairns Bricklayers have your back. So, when you notice a crack in your brickwork, get in touch with us for a no-obligation quote.