Retaining Walls Cairns

We specialise in providing clients in Cairns with some of the best brick fence options available 

Building a wall is very important in houses and gardens. If you need to retain soil, manage water run-off, or divide a garden, then a retaining wall would be an amazing addition to your property.

At Cairns Bricklayers, we build numerous types of brick and block retaining walls that will satisfy your needs. We also repair existing retaining walls. Our services are not limited to only domestic properties as we also work on commercial properties. As one of the most affordable bricklayers Cairns, you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth.

We also offer consultation services at your convenience. We’re here to talk with you about the type of retaining wall that best suits you whilst taking your budget into consideration.

Retaining walls can easily go wrong if they are not handled by professionals. Our bricklayers Cairns team has the necessary experience to build you a premium-quality retaining wall that won’t lean, bulge or warp – it will withstand the test of time. 

The first thing we do is survey your site to determine the type of design that will suit you. Among the factors that we would consider before advising you: the type of the soil, the weight that would be applied to the wall, and of course, where the wall is located.

Feature brickwork in Cairns of a brick fence and retaining wall

A question common to new house owners is “why build a retaining wall?” Here are a few reasons you should build a retaining wall:

  • It prevents erosion and flooding.

  • It also helps with drainage.

  • It can create usable land for a garden or other landscaping features.

  • Most importantly, it adds structure and additional beauty to your house or garden.

There are several creative, and beautiful styles of retaining walls for you to choose from. Cairns Bricklayers specialise in building these different types:

  • Straight, sloping and curved retaining walls

  • Bagged walls

  • Gravity walls

  • Rock face walls

  • Split face walls

Different factors determine how high a retaining wall should be. Generally speaking retaining walls on domestic properties might be 500mm – 1 meter high. The level of protection you need may also determine the height of your retaining wall. But ultimately, we will determine the best height after we might have done the survey.

So, call us today! Or fill our contact form and get a quote. We are always ready to tend to your requests.